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Internet for Social Change

“For people to benefit from the Internet, it must be not only available and affordable. It also must be relevant to their lives and they must have the skills and confidence to use it” The Economist. According to the Inclusive Internet Mapping Progress 2017 done by The Economist Intelligence Unit, Kenya ranks 51 out of […]

Education Sector Policy Brief #1

Enhancing the Ability of Citizens to Monitor the use of Public Resources Introduction The advent of Free Primary Education (FPE) in 2003 not only increased enrolment rates in public primary schools but also meant that all tax paying Kenyans would share in the responsibility of educating our children regardless of whether one has a school going child or […]

PETS Baseline Report for Health Sector

The Action for Transparency (A4T) project seeks to enhance transparency and accountability in the public health sector focusing on funds disbursed by the national government to the county government for the provision of health services at the various service delivery points. This initial report focuses on the project’s pilot phase which is currently being rolled […]

PETS Baseline Report for Education Sector

Action for Transparency (A4T)is a project which seeks to enhance transparency and accountability in the education sector focusing on funds disbursed by the Government for the provision of Free Primary Education (FPE). The overall objective of the project is to contribute to strengthened democratic accountability and transparency in Kenya through citizen monitoring of government expenditure, […]

Handbook for trainers

This guide is aimed at helping advocates to deliver the one-day workshops on tracking government spending in the health and primary education sectors, which are being organised as part of the Action for Transparency (A4T) program in Kenya during 2017-18. It sets out a plan for the workshops, giving a structure and approach to the […]

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