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Public health act

An act of parliament to provide for the provision of health services in Kenya PublicHealthActCap242

Ministry of health annual work plan for 2016/2017

The Ministerial Annual Work Plan 2016/17 is anchored on key policy and strategy documents, including the Kenya Health Policy, 2014-2030 and the Ministerial Strategic Plan, 2014-2018 whose overall goal is to attain equitable, affordable, accessible and quality health care for all. This goal encompasses the focus of the health sector in the medium to long […]

PETS Baseline Report for Health Sector

The Action for Transparency (A4T) project seeks to enhance transparency and accountability in the public health sector focusing on funds disbursed by the national government to the county government for the provision of health services at the various service delivery points. This initial report focuses on the project’s pilot phase which is currently being rolled […]

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