Residents grapple with diseases in dusty Katani – Lilian Mutavi

Lilian Mutavi, a Nation Media Group journalist based in Machakos County has been investigating a case of unregulated mining activities, noise and air pollution  in quarries that lie in the border of Nairobi and Machakos County. So big is the problem that the residents living around the area in Katani, that they went out to demonstrate about the respiratory illnesses contracted because of the dust and poorly maintained roads.

“Daily, trucks transport murram from more than 40 quarries that supply building materials to Nairobi. The piles of murram at the quarry entrances is the first stage of a much bigger rock blasting project, making noise pollution a constant… and increased respiratory health problems among residents in Katani,”

Read the full article HERE by Lilian Mutavi, one of the Action for Transparency phase two grantees, in the investigative journalism and grant mentorship programme, which is currently ongoing.

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