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Grants and Mentorship

We have supported some journalists with grants to investigate one or more cases of corruption in the health or education sector. Journalists wishing to take part in this should confirm their eligibility first and ensure their stories meet the selection criteria.

Submission of a proposal and/or request for more information by the Action for Transparency team does not guarantee that you will get the grant.

All information is treated and stored confidentially and will not be shared to any third party.

Eligible journalist

  • Must be a practising journalist (Freelance or employed) who publishes regularly
  • Should be based/cover [in] Nairobi County
  • Can demonstrate experience in investigative or feature story telling
  • Do not have access to resources/equipment to enable you undertake investigative work. (The purpose of the Action for Transparency grant is to enable you to investigate an issue that you would not have been able to pursue without financial support)

Selection criteria

  1. Story ideas proposed should be on-
    • Corruption in health sector/ transparency and accountability in health financing/ management of health facilities/ devolution of health sector/ budget tracking and health expenditure/ Disease burden and funding etc.
    • Corruption in education/ transparency and accountability in primary education financing/ free primary education funding/ allocation and disbursement of budgets for schools/ etc.
    • Corruption in government (related to or affecting education and health)
    • Effects of corruption in the health and education sectors etc
  2. The journalist should demonstrate that the suggested story ideas cannot be achieved without the grant, i.e. duration needed to investigate the story, resources needed etc.
  3. Should provide proof that the stories once complete, will be published by a credible outlet, i.e letter from their editor confirming this.
  4. The story ideas should be viable for completion and publication within 3 months
  5. Should have demonstrated ability to write/produce stories
  6.  Should be a broadcast, online or print media journalists.

Applications have been closed. Stay tuned for the next application date.

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