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Author page: Titus Gitonga

Corruption Perception Index 2020

Corruption Perception Index 2020

Kenya obtained a score of 31 out of 100 having scored 28 points in 2019. Kenya’s score still falls below the Sub-Saharan average of 32 and global average of 43 – a score below 50 indicates serious levels of public sector corruption. The CPI 2020 ranks Rwanda the highest in the East African region with 54 points, Tanzania – 38, Kenya – 31, Uganda – 27, Burundi – 19 and South Sudan scoring 12 points.

Kenya CPI 2020

COVID-19 and Corruption

The CPI 2020 highlights the relationship between the COVID-19 Pandemic and corruption. Corruption leads to inequitable distribution of resources in response to COVID-19, highlighting the importance of transparency and anti-corruption measures in emergency situations. The report shows that countries that perform well on the CPI, also invest more on healthcare. The research also reveals that countries where corruption is more pervasive are least equipped to handle crises, like the COVID-19 pandemic.

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