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Conflicting documentation on notification of tender award and letters of acceptance- Kshs.5,273,670

Hadassah Hotel was awarded a tender for the provision of full board accommodation services for the Ministry of Health officials undertaking rapid response for the month of April and May 2020 for Kshs.5,273,670 commencing on 07 April, 2020. However, the special audit established that the letter of acceptance dated 04 April, 2020 was issued by the supplier three days before notification of the tender award dated 07 April, 2020.
The Management of the Ministry of Health explained that, the service provider had erroneously written the wrong date on the letter of acceptance and that the Ministry of Health noted the error in the date and notified the service provider. In this regard, the Ministry of Health submitted to the audit team, a corrected letter of acceptance, the letter of notification and previous letter of acceptance. Given the two conflicting set of documents, the special audit could not establish the authenticity of either of the two documents and therefore the lawfulness and effectiveness of the expenditure could not be confirmed.