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IGAD funds to KUTRRH of Ksh. 10,450,000

The KUTRRH received Kshs. 10,450,000 from IGAD which was used to furnish the 51-unit staff apartments that are being used to quarantine the Covid-19 working staff.
As at 30 June, 2020, KUTRRH had utilized Kshs.11,091,156 resulting in an over expenditure of Ksh. 641,156. The audit noted various procurement risks such as inflation of prices and procurement of substandard goods. KUTRRH procured curtains at a cost of Kshs. 1500 per unit yet the user request had indicated unit cost of Kshs. 900 in tender NO. KUTRRH/DT/F1/053 amounting to Kshs. 1,907,066. Reason for this 60% markup was not explained and a market survey was not provided. A physical verification of the beds procured under tender No KUTRRH/PD/SOP/F.01 and delivered in June were of substandard quality and were already breaking apart.