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Issuance of LSO after provision of Catering Services to the Surveillance Team- Kshs.1,536,000.

A review of payment voucher number 002394 established that, EAT and Tell Café Limited was engaged by the Ministry of Health for provision of catering services to Officers involved in COVID-19 prevention and mitigation at a cost of Kshs.1,536,000. The payment voucher indicate that the services were provided between 27 April, 2020 and 03 May, 2020 both days inclusive. The review established that the Local Service Order (LSO) number 9110 was issued to EAT and Tell Café Limited on 04 June, 2020, which was over one month after the service had already been offered. It was also not possible to ascertain how the suppliers were evaluated for the service since procurement documents relating to the evaluation were not provided and no explanation was given.