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Education Sector

Education Sector

The Right to Education is an Economic and Social Right recognized and protected under both national and international laws. This means that the state has an obligation to provide resources towards its realization and ensure everyone – especially the marginalized and vulnerable – have access to quality education by making certain it is accessible, acceptable, available and adaptable.

The reality in Kenya, however, is that the right to free, compulsory and quality education has not been fully realized due to issues such as: inadequate resources, mismanagement of available resources, weak monitoring and evaluation frameworks, inadequate public participation in policy and budget making processes and inadequate access to information by citizens to ensure their effective oversight on use of resources.

To address the challenges impeding realisation of the Right to Education, the A4T project promotes adherence to the National Values and Principles of Governance as espoused under Article 10 of the Constitutions and especially: Participation of the People; Good Governance, Integrity, Transparency and Accountability.

How does the A4T Project enhance Transparency, Accountability and Participation?

  • Enhancing Transparency through enabling access to schools budgetary information through the A4T platforms that have been enhanced to enable easier access using your mobile phone;
  • Promoting Participation of the people by creating awareness on Rights and Responsibilities of citizens and the duty bearers including on budgetary and audit processes;
  • Enhancing Accountability by providing citizens with a platforms for anonymously reporting and whistleblowing on suspected corruption in learning institutions as well as empowering citizens to conduct social audits to determine the extent to which resources are being effectively utilised at the schools;
  • Promoting Good Governance by engaging public officials and policy makers on the policy and administrative issues requiring reforms;
  • Promoting integrity by creating awareness among members of the community on their rights and responsibilities as responsible citizens to ensure proper use of public resources;

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