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Why Education?

The advent of Free Primary Education (FPE) in 2003 not only increased enrolment rates in public primary schools but also meant that all tax paying Kenyans would share in the responsibility of educating our children regardless of whether one has a school going child or not.

  • Education is an Economic and Social right (Article 43 (1) (f) of the Constitution of Kenya)
  • Every Child has a right to Free and Compulsory Basic Education (Article 53 (1)(b) of the Constitution of Kenya)

To realise the Right to Education for all children, the Constitution requires TRANSPARENT, ACCOUNTABLE and PARTICIPATORY use of public resources.

How does the A4T Project enhance Transparency, Accountability and Participation?

  • Enhancing Access to Budgetary Information and creating awareness on Rights and Responsibilities
  • Using the A4T mobile App – Everyone including: Parents, Students, Teachers and Administrators can access budgetary information of schools in the mobile App
  • Users can use the A4T mobile App to report cases on suspected corruption relating to a school on the App
  • Citizens can use the App to access accurate information in order to effectively participate in budgetary processes at the school and in public participation meetings called by government

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