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What is Action for Transparency?
Action for Transparency (A4T) is a project that fights corruption and mismanagement of government funds by putting the power to change in the hands of citizens. We empower citizens and government employees to act on corruption experienced in their everydaylives. Using a mobile phone with Internet access, anyone is able to check the amount of government money allocated to each school and health clinic in Embakasi – and the amount actually spent. The project is jointly being implemented by Transparency International and PAWA 254 with the support of FOJO media Institute and the Swedish Embassy.
Why is the project only being implemented in Embakasi?
Embakasi is the project's pilot phase area/sub-county of implementation. Subsequently, the project will be implemented in the wider Nairobi County.Embakasi was also chosen due to its demographics. The sub-county comprises of the urban and urban- rural set up that makes it well suited for the project implementation in view of the two sectors of focus, education and health.
Why is the project only focusing on two sectors, education and health?
The project is currently focusing on only two sectors .This is because education and health remains arguably one of the key service delivery public sectors that touches on the core of every citizen’s rights. This however does not limit members of the public for reporting corruption cases in other sector since Transparency International offers another walk-in and call-in platform called Advocacy and Legal Advisory Center. Citizens can call or even visit the office to report on corruption in the other sectors.
What does the constitution say about education and health?
Chapter Four of the Constitution provides the Bill of rights key among them the right to education among right to the highest attainable standard of living. The Constitution of Kenya also provides for public participation in financial management of public finance. Further, the Access to Information Bill gives the public a right to access information from any public institutions and mandates the duty bearers with a mandate to make available the data. The Education Act and the Public Health Act also provides for public participation in management of these institutions through the Board of Management and Health Facility management Committees. The public therefore has a right to access information and ensure the duty bearers are transparent and accountable.
How do I use the app to report corruption?
The app provides financial data of budget allocation for public primary schools in Embakasi .Members of the public can use the information to monitor any leakage in the budget allocation and report the same to Action For Transparency. The public can also report a corruption case directly from the app in the report section.
How can I get an update about my case?
Once you report a case, the app gives a pop up notification of a number (0800720721)that you can call to make a follow up on your case. The app allows the client to report anonymously without giving personal details and any details given at the description section is at client’s discretion.The client can also check up the case on our website.
Is my anonymity guaranteed if I report a corruption case?
We are committed to ensuring the privacy of any information posted on the app and our privacy policy guides all correspondence made through the app.
Where and how do you get the data in the app?
The app is available for download at the google play for android phones and will soon be on app store for apple phones .The app can be downloaded from the two stores just like any other application.
Will my child not be victimized if I report corruption in their school?
The app provides for anonymity while reporting and we as Action for Transparency are committed to ensuring anonymity at all time. Therefore ,the identity of the person reporting remains anonymous even to the Action for transparency team and in no way therefore are the details going to be public to anyone.Further to that, the Constitution gives the people of Kenyans the right to information and the right to be engaged in public participation .They thus has a right to hold duty bearers accountable.