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Provide links to two of your most recent work (related work highly encouraged)

Story Idea

Publication Agreement

The purpose of the Action for Transparency grant is to enable you to investigate an issue that you would not have been able to pursue without financial support. The mutual agreement requires you to provide evidence that you have approached a media outlet about your story idea and that they have an intention to go ahead with publishing/broadcasting of the story upon completion. Please provide the below details:

Referee Details


You are expected to complete and publish your work within 3 months after inception of the grant and mentorship programme.


Upload your budget using the format below. Add realistic and reasonable cost that correspond with the work plan and requirements of your investigation. Please note the following: _ --- *Consumables may include resources required for undertaking your work. *Communication may include airtime or internet etc. *Other costs are any other costs not mentioned above if necessary to complete your news assignment. They must be reflected in the work plan. *This grant does not support purchase of equipment. Batteries and other consumables may be included but should not exceed KES2,000.