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Health Public Expenditure Survey(PETS)

PETS is a process used to track the flow of resources through various strata of government in order to determine how much of the originally allocated public resources reach each level.

  • The A4T project uses PETS to access information for dissemination to the public.
  • A PETS tool is designed to study the flow of public funds across various levels of administrative units with a view of identifying the sources of revenue, any leakages in flow of funds and utilization at the institutional level.
  • The use of PETS helps in identifying hidden sources of revenue, identify leakages in flow of resources and determine instances of misappropriation of public funds meant for development.
  • The A4T PETS is institutional based due to the limited scope of the project and is used to ascertain the actual figures of allocation, disbursement and expenditure of public funds at the points of utilisation.

A4T Approach