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Integrity Champion Nomination

Transparency International Kenya’s (TI-Kenya) Integrity Champion Award aims to recognise a particular action or initiative undertaken by one or several individuals or organisations and constituting a tangible contribution to the fight against corruption and the mission of TI-Kenya. While recipients of the Award would be expected to be of exemplary character, the Integrity Champion Award will recognise a particular action or initiative demonstrating the manifold impacts in the fight against corruption in Kenya. The Anti-Corruption Award may be conferred to a person (or an organisation) discharging official or professional duties as well as to an activist(s) from all walks of life. The criteria to pick the Integrity Champion will be predominantly guided by the Article six of the COK 2010 which references the guiding principles of leadership and integrity.
The Award consists of a trophy and participation in a public award ceremony during the celebrations of International Anti-Corruption Day to take place on the 9th of December 2019 in Nairobi, Kenya.