Patients Suffer The Brunt of Corruption at Skin Clinic – Mary Mwendwa

Mary Mwendwa, freelance journalist, goes undercover by posing as a patient to reveal the truth of complaints from several patients who had gone to seek treatment at a specialised skin ailments clinic in downtown Nairobi, famously known as STC Casino.


Many had raised their concerns about lack of service delivery at the clinic, every time they visit, they are told doctors are on strike and are referred by security people to other private clinics nearby, where they are charged exorbitantly.

There is possible collusion between the medical workers at this clinic and private facilities to deny patients an essential public service, as Mary reveals. Read more about this by clicking on the link below, which was published by Talk Africa.

Patients Suffer The Brunt of Corruption at Skin Conditions Clinic






Mary Mwendwa is a freelance science journalist based in Nairobi. She has a passion in telling gender, environment, health  and climate change stories. Mary has been published by the Standard Newspaper, The Star Newspaper, African Women and Child Features, Talk Africa, Aljazeera and News Deeply. @marymwendwa