South C, Akiba Residents Protest Grabbing of Nursery School Land – by Donald Magomere

Donald Magomere, a journalist with Financial Times, participated in the Action for Transparency Grant and Mentorship programme, where he was awarded a grant to conduct an investigative report.

Months later, with intense mentorship, supportive training and brave investigations, Donald was able to investigate a case of land grabbing in South C area of Nairobi. In his report, Donald narrates how area residents discovered how a local company had allegedly registered land that was set aside for development of a public nursery school and playground.

Efforts by the residents to protest against the move have hit a brick wall, as law enforcement and relevant public agencies are drawn into the controversy. This is happening when children from the estate seeking early childhood education within the locality having to travel long distances to seek for the precious education. Those whose parents cannot afford paying for transport and fees in nearby schools have been left to fight with the fate of missing education.

Donald story was initially set to be published on a local leading daily newspaper, however the paper remained silent about the publication. This prompted an effort to pitch the story to other publications which took over six weeks before the story was published HERE page 2.

Even though this publication is always based on the discretion of editors, A4T thinks that the article was heavily redacted and without a byline of the journalist, probably indicated fear of being sued. These are some of the challenges that journalist and media houses face when investigating corruption.