Tone la Ufisadi – Water Cartels in Nairobi: Investigative story by Henix Obuchunju



Residents of Nairobi are affected by perennial water shortage, a basic service delivery supposed to be provided for every household. The challenge is not lack of pipped water to every homestead, rather it is much bigger as we come do discover.

Henix Obuchunju,  an award winning journalist from Pamoja FM , and a grantee on the Eye on Corruption investigative journalism project, a collaborative project with Action for Transparency,  investigated how water cartels are colluding with some officials from Nairobi County Water and Sewerage Company to deny residents water and thereby causing the government to lose revenue and residents to surfer.  Taps run dry as cartels are involved in diverting water to their own vending points where water is sold unscrupulously to residents.

Listen to residents of Nairobi narrating their experiences in lacking water, in a 3 part series that was first broadcasted in Pamoja FM. Story in Kiswahili

Is the Nairobi County government accountable for its residents? Share your views and experiences.


About Eye on Corruption Project

Eye on Corruption Global Network Project-phase III, aims to train and mentor journalists, enabling them to investigate systemic corruption within the government that is affecting provision of basic services like health and education, where women, children and other disadvantaged groups would mostly bear the brunt.

The third phase of the Eye on Corruption (EoC) Global Network project (2018-2019) is being implemented in collaboration with the Action for Transparency team at  Transparency International Kenya (TI-K) and Fojo Media Institute, with continued support from Creative Force (Swedish Institute).